A Cappella









“Grayson’s approach to our masterclass was incredibly focused and comfortable. He took our group’s vision into account, making sure to tailor the experience to help us achieve our goals. In one session, he was able to get us to emote and connect with the music more than we ever have in the many months of rehearsing it. We look forward to collaborating with him again!”

Micaela Flores, UCSD Tritones Musical Director


“Grayson is one of the hardest working people I know, with the talent to match it. He sets realistic, but challenging goals and does more than needed to stay ahead of the curve. He would be a great asset to any team/company.”

Glenn Clancy, Chief Mastering Engineer @ Studio 37, Live Audio Engineer for m-pact


“Grayson writes arrangements that feel natural and intuitive to sing, without sacrificing musical complexity. He is refreshingly thoughtful about song structure and brings his signature style to any genre.”

Kimberly Nguyen, LAAF Producer, Top Shelf Vocal, and former member of Premiere


“Grayson has been a driving force for multiple projects that we have worked on for 3 years now. What I appreciate the most is that he will find ways to incorporate your ideas into a track on the fly to see if it aligns with your vision, even if that is passing vocals through a filter to make them sound like the AI in a cell phone.”

Joshara Edwards, "ch. 3" of Myth Pack


“Grayson Villanueva is a force to be reckoned with. Having worked with him in several capacities, he consistently proves himself to be a high quality one-man-shop when it comes to vocal arranging, audio engineering, and video production. Hire him and you can be damn sure you will get the materials you need presented thoughtfully, artfully, and on time. He makes everyone else look lazy.”

Aaron Schumacher, Singer in m-pact, Music Director for Top Shelf Vocal, and Producer


“Grayson is one of the friendliest and easiest people to work with, but also one of the most capable and qualified. Not only is he quick to set-up and get you started on a session, but he is also honest about helping you make whatever you are working on the best it can be.

TL;DR He's the best. Super talented. Great hair.”

Marc Urbino, "Thunderfist" of Myth Pack